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Salt Lake Probate
Probate can be complicated! 

When a loved one has died, someone in the family usually gets saddled with taking care of their estate and resolving all of their matters.  There could be a house, cars, personal belongings, stocks, IRAs, bank accounts, credit cards, and many other matters that need to taken care of.  Sometimes there are disputes about what to do and how to do it! 

When there is a Will involved, the process can be simplified.  Someone will need to file the Will with the Probate Court and open a probate case.  This requires filing a petition and related documents.  Notice will need to be provided to all heirs and potential heirs. The Probate Court will appoint a trustee who will have power and authority to gather and take control of assets and eventually distribute them.  The trustee will also need to provide published notice to creditors.  The process can be complex to make sure it gets done right.

I can help you through this process and make sure that your loved one's directions are carried out. 
Andrew W. Gilliland
782 E. Pioneer Rd. (12400 S.)
Draper, Utah 84020
Tele.: (801) 285-0886
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